Workout of the Day, May 22nd, 2015

Strength: Bench Press 5×5 @80%, Find a 3RM SJ
Conditioning: 9-7-5-3-1:
-Power Cleans 165/110
-Bar MU

then: 4min tabata OH BB Sit ups.

Overhead barbell will be accessory work in today's #conjugategymnastics program. Start with a barbell or db above your chest while laying on the floor, legs straight, toes pointed. The purpose of this drill is to develop strength in the flexion of the hips and flexion in the shoulders. Which will translate to over head positions like a press to handstand or hspu. Hans distance should be approximately shoulder width apart, the weight of the bar should not be used to lift you up, it should be pressed over head as initiation of the sit-up is applied. When lowering down, roll your back into a strong hollow position #conjugatestrong #crushgymnastics #Crossfit #situp more information about the program can be found at

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