About that “rx”.


The least important thing to me on the whiteboard is that little “rx”.

Here’s why.
The workout is written on the board with weights and distances, times and rounds. It lays out the work to be done that day. Some of us can do what’s written there, exactly as its written, some days. A workout “in your wheelhouse” appears more often for some than it does for others. Your name and score goes on that board. It’s a record of attendance and a measure of your work that day. Sometimes there’s a notation by it “rx”, a weight, a distance, a band color and sometimes there is not.
The workout is important because we need to know what we’re doing today. But it’s negotiable. Weights and distances can be increased or decreased. Rounds can be lessened. Movements can be substituted. There’s a lot of ways that a workout can get tweaked throughout the day, everyday, every workout. Your name and your score are what they are in that present moment in time. THAT is the most important thing on the board in my opinion. You showed up, you worked hard, you’re closer to your goals today than you were yesterday. You accomplished something.

One little notation that is BIG here: “pr”. It means that was your best one ever. YOUR. BEST. ONE. EVER Not comparing you to anyone outside of you, but comparing you to yourself, and that was the best one yet. THAT is cool stuff. “Rx” is *really* important to many of you, and sometimes they’re few and far between. Sometimes you earn them, sometimes you don’t. RX simply means that you did what was written on the board exactly as it was written. It’s implied that you completed each of the included movements to their minimum standard, you completed the proper number at the proper weight, and didn’t change a thing about the written workout. That RX means that you know EXACTLY what the athlete did. Without it, we don’t keep track of any of the modifications to the workout that resulted in no rx. It’s up to the athlete to do that in their own personal tracking, whether it’s a log book, an online journal, or simply a picture in their iphone.
The RX should mean very little. After a workout, you should also note any changes you made to the workout. To me “rx” = “no changes” which is an important note for you, the athlete, but not really for anyone else. The only time the RX is important is when it motivates people to work harder to beat that guy who is always just ahead of you. If it acts as a motivation tool, then it’s useful.
As a coach, I’m watching movement. I’m making sure it safe, correct, and to standards. I’m not counting the plates on your bar. I usually not counting your reps but I do sometimes. Oftentimes I’m looking at subtle things like foot placement and line of sight. I’m always looking at your spine.
So if you think you deserve the RX and I miss it on the board, please let me know. I didn’t see if your chest hit the bar on every single one of those reps I’ll trust you to be truthful about meeting the standards of the movement when I wasn’t watching. You know the weight on your bar better than I do. If I saw missed wallball shots that were counted or squats that weren’t low enough or you rowed instead of running, I’ll tell you why I didn’t give you the RX. Chances are I tried to correct you a couple times mid workout and when the movement wasn’t fixed but remained safe I let you carry on anyway. Many times, though, I’m too busy watching movement to know if you used the 53# kettlebell or the 185# barbell. If you think you deserve the RX and I missed it, tell me. I’ll happily add it to the board for you. However, That should be the least of your worries. What you should look at is not the “RX” on the board, but how many times your name appears on the board.

Workout of the Day, July 11th, 2014


REMINDER: No Saturday Workout this week, please come support our team competing at CrossFit No Excuses in Suwanee at 1pm!
Strength:  Strict Press 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95%, then Deadlifts 2 sets of 10 reps @65%
Conditioning: For time:
-20 Clean & Jerks 95/65, Run 200m
*Rest 30 seconds
-15 Clean & Jerks 115/75, 1 Rope Climb
*Rest 60 seconds
-10 Clean & Jerks 135/95, Run 400m
*Rest 90 seconds
-5 Clean & Jerks 155/105, 1 Rope Climb